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Rate Calculator

Enter 30k to 30 millon, please exclude commas.
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The following charges are applicable to all rates. Since all closings are different, please call us to receive a quote of the closing costs and fees related to your settlement.

Standard Fees:

Standard Endorsements Required by Lender.....$100.00 each
Notary Fees (per acknowledgement).....$5.00 - $7.00
Pursuant to notary public fee schedule effective May 28, 2005

E-Doc Fee.....$110.00
Tax Certification Fees.....$80.00
Incoming Wire Fee.....$30.00
Outgoing Wire Fee.....$15.00

Approved Attorney Rate DOES NOT include attorney’s fees for representation of the buyer at settlement.
Typical attorney’s fees for residential settlements are as follows:

Please Call Us to Receive a Quote for Your Settlement. (610) 388.8510